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This site allows internet users to run virtual machines for free. Additionally there are paying users on this site, and those users get higher priority for virtual machines, as well as having more resources to play with. Free use of this site comes with an expectation that you will play fair and not cause us problems. No not make us regret offering this service to you!

Allowable Use

You are allowed to run virtual machines for educational and experimental purposes. Commercial activity is forbidden.

Do not misuse the system in any way. If you think what you are doing might be wrong then do not do it! So for instance anything which could be described as hacking or abuse is not allowed. No not use up resources, disrupt other users, or abuse resources in a way not explicitly supported by the tutorials. Do not probe the network. Do not launch attacks on external sites. Do not try and remove serials, keys, copyright material, or dangerous items from the virtual network (e.g. extract viruses from a virtual machine used to teach anti-virus techniques as this could endanger other systems).

You are allowed to have only one account per person on this site. Do not create multiple accounts. When you register use one of your own email addresses and make sure it is valid and working. If you do not trust us with your email address why should we trust you with a virtual machine?

If you post on the forums do so politely and do not spam.

If you instead wish to break the terms, or in some other way cause problems, then our policy is to block your IP number. If blocking a single IP does not solve the problem, we will block whole ranges up to /16 size networks in one go. We do not have spare resources to spend time solving problems which visitors cause. So please play fair and do not abuse our trust.


All material is copyright protected. All rights are reserved. No part of this website can be copied, reproduced, or used in any way without prior written permission.

However, if you are an educational establishment we quite ofter come to some agreement about having access to printed versions of our notes and slides, provided that it is clearly stated that we are the authors and no copyright notices are removed. You must have prior permission to do this. This is only for educators working for real education establishments recognised formally by an appropriate governing body, and not for commercial use.

Contact Us

Please direct all communications to the forums. Please do not email us directly for tutorial support and technical advice. The forums are there to help you...

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