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Welcome to linuxzoo

Learn Linux from the safety of your chair using a remote private linux machine with root access.

Status: Normal. Everything should be stable.

Look at the Our Environment link, and then Running Your Machine for getting started.

Quick start hints: register/login, Join Queue, Switch On (in Control tab), Wait for successful boot, click the Connect tab, and then click "telnet: linuxzoo.net" (or type telnet linuxzoo.net at your command prompt). Username root, password secure.

Linux Centos 7rootsecure
Caine Forensics 10.0cainecaine

FAQ for VNC: There are a few options to getting a remote graphical desktop. In "connect" you can click on Java VNC, which requires java 7 installed on your machine. JavaScript VNC is more flexable, but it may be slower (it is experimental). Some systems do not like you logging in graphically as root.

Centos 7 intro: Paths | BasicShell | Search
Linux tutorials: intro1 intro2 wildcard permission pipe vi essential admin net SELinux1 SELinux2 fwall DNS diag Apache1 Apache2 log Mail
Caine 10.0: Essentials | Basic | Search | Acquisition | SysIntro | grep | MBR | GPT | FAT | NTFS | FRMeta | FRTools | Browser | Mock Exam |
CPD: Cygwin | Paths | Files and head/tail | Find and regex | Sort | Log Analysis
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