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Linux variety

Linux and Unix can be installed in a variety of ways, and is available in a whole range of flavours. Some of the common flavours (known as distributions) are listed below:

Each flavour can be installed in different ways, to best support the way the system will be used. Common installed include:

X Terminals are similar in concept to the terminals of decades ago. An X-Terminal cannot actually run any user programs, and does not even run Unix itself. However, it allows a Unix application to redirect its output to an X-Terminal, giving the appearance of a normal Unix client box. Clearly if the applications in question require considerable graphics manipulation (such as in the case of watching a movie) then all the graphics data must continuously be passed from the place where the application is running to the X-Terminal via the network. This often leads to poor performance, and so X-Terminals are not a common component in modern architectures.

In the tutorials we concentrate on server configurations where all data is stored locally.

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