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Editing with nano



In this session you will be covering the basics of editing a file in Linux.

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Question 1: Nano Editing

Use nano to create a file /root/edit1. Cut and paste the following text into edit1 and save the file. Remember you cannot easily cut and paste to a vnc terminal, so use telnet or ssh. Do not insert additional lines (even blank lines) or extra space characters.

asdaslkalsdklnnnne lazy dog quick frog
6f2d9937604b8422abc7493a7ff0c884 /etc/host.conf
This is an exercise!
Up, down,
left, right,
build your terminal's
muscles bit by bit

In all the editor questions you must WRITE the file in order to pass the question.

Tests - not attempted
Line 1 found somewhere UNTESTED
Line 2 found somewhere UNTESTED
Line 3 found somewhere UNTESTED
Line 4 found somewhere UNTESTED
Line 5 found somewhere UNTESTED
Line 6 found somewhere UNTESTED
Line 7 found somewhere UNTESTED
All edits complete UNTESTED

Delete the word "an" from line 3, plus one of the spaces. The line left should read "This is exercise!".

Tests - not attempted
line check UNTESTED

Add " and byte by byte" to the end of the line "muscles bit by bit".

Tests - not attempted
line check UNTESTED

Append to the end of the file a new line which reads:

123456789 123456789
Tests - not attempted
All edits complete UNTESTED

Using mark (^^ i.e. CTRL and ^) mark the whole of the first line of the file and then cut (^K) that line out. Move that line and paste it back in (^U) so that the line is now line 2 in the file. Edit afterwards to make sure there is not a blank line left at the start.

Tests - not attempted
All edits complete UNTESTED

Now cut out the long hex word on line 1 (beginning 6f2 and ending 884) Leave this first line with a leading space. Now put this hex number at the end of the last line (after 6789) making sure to put a space between the 6789 and the 6f2. Save the file.

Tests - not attempted
All edits complete UNTESTED

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