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Your system environment is as follows: You have noticed that the traffic on A-eth0 has doubled, as has A-eth1. Strangely, C is using 100% of the CPU time. B has higher than usual loading of apache, but has a CPU running at 80% idle. What could be the problem?
A.B and C need to be moved to different physical networks.
B.The cgi programs on B have saturated Oracle on C with requests.
C.The network on A is too slow to cope with the traffic.
D.Apache on A is simply twice as popular as before.
E.The network linking A,B, and C needs to be upgraded.
Incorrect Answer There is no evidence to support this.
Correct Answer This is certainly a possibility.
Incorrect Answer With high CPU loads detected, it is likely that the traffic loads only one of the factors to consider.
Incorrect Answer This is reasonable, but does not explain what is happening with B and C.
Incorrect Answer As the CPU load has reached 100%, more network resources probably will not help.