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There are two main ways for starting services, INIT and XINET. Choose the TRUE statement.
A.XINET works out what services are running using /etc/init.d.
B.INIT starts services on demand, and therefore is more efficient than the runlevel based XINET system.
C.INIT services are either executed at a particular runlevel if the script file exists, or it is simply not running at that runlevel.
D.INIT can be hard to debug, as services it controls may not be visible in the process table until a client tries to connect to that service.
E.XINET starts services on demand, so is less efficient in resource usage than INIT.
Incorrect Answer INIT and the runlevels use init.d. XINET uses /etc/xinetd
Incorrect Answer XINET runs services on demand, INIT runs them at a particular runlevel.
Correct Answer True.
Incorrect Answer This is the main issue agains XINET.
Incorrect Answer XINET is much MORE efficient because it starts services on demand, not less efficient.