Stage1 firewall update

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Stage1 firewall update

Post by drgrussell » Fri Oct 06, 2006 10:19 pm

Im popular in Brazil. Seems one of the websites over there put me on their front page for a day, and generated 600 users in 24 hours.

One user however seemed to keep trying to bring down the network, or hack into things, or basically cause problems. I have had to take the following steps:

o Outgoing IP traffic other than DNS and HTTP are now blocked. This includes unprivileged ports.
o openvpn does not have split-horizon, so probing non-existant machines causes infinite loops in the network. I have added in null routes to stop this happening.

In the future I will restore external unprivileged port access to Napier students only. Sorry if this spoils some fun!


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