Stuck on a busy machine?

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Stuck on a busy machine?

Post by drgrussell » Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:11 pm

When you first register on the site, you have the chance to enter an auth code. All "fee paying" student have such a code, and it allows you to gain more priority on the system. Without the auth code you will be placed on the hub with a low priority. But this will only make a difference when the site is heavily loaded...

Unfortunately if you register without the auth code, and then enter one later, the system will have already allocated you onto with a low priority. To gain the high priority back you must leave the queue and then rejoin it. But you will still be on as the system tries to keep you on the machine you last used...

The only way to get onto a different (and possibly lightly loaded) server is (once you have successfully entered the auth code) to "switch on" after selecting "fresh linux install image". Only then will the system look to see if you would be better off on a different machine.

You can always see the current load state using the "site status" item in the control panel dropdown list.


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