A new teaching semester - prepare for more load.

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A new teaching semester - prepare for more load.

Post by drgrussell » Fri Sep 23, 2005 5:29 pm

A new teaching semester begins next week, and with that comes a significantly higher load on the servers. To take this into account, we will be adding in a few new servers... : An old server reimaged using SUSE. Its a 2GByte, 2GHz box. It did keep falling over ever few weeks when we last used it, but maybe under SUSE it will be more reliable.

+3 new intel super-duper servers. These will be using SUSE too, but they dont have IPs yet. You can expect to see those in a week or two.

Free user accounts are still quite acceptable, but normal students still have priority on the system. Free users may be kicked off the machine automatically given a few minutes notice, or manually (and instantly). Still, I have never had to kick anyone yet...

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