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Disk quotas

Post by drgrussell » Wed Sep 14, 2005 2:15 pm

Disk quotas are now enforced. They are by default quite generous, but just because you have a quota does not mean you have to fill it up.

If you exceed your quota then your image is deleted when you reboot. There is no warning...

Note that basic usage of the virtual machines fills the disk. This is due to the way the filesystem allocates space. As space is needed for things this uses up more space, but deleting things DOES NOT release space. Its stupid, but I didnt write the filesystem routines in the kernel (it does it this way to reduce fragmentation). Thus if you are running out of space there is nothing you can do to avoid the image being deleted.

I have set the quota limit so that general users will never have a problem.

One day I will have a button which allows you to clean up your disks in a less destructive way. There IS a way to do it, but it takes a few minutes to run, and thus would be hard for me to do in the background without running into user-related response-time problems. One day I will have it solved...


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