Changes: including the addition of image selection

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Changes: including the addition of image selection

Post by drgrussell » Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:48 pm

You will notice that the site is now set up to select which image you want to boot. We have a number of images, including gentoo and fedora core 3, waiting in the wings for people to try. This should make it much more of a "zoo" of linux machines.

For now, you can only select fedora core 2, as we are still testing the other images. But it should not be long now.

In addition, account expiry checking is now enforced (after 14 days of ignoring my emails to confirm your email address your account is locked until you respond). Finally, your last boot image is destroyed after 28 days of inactivity.

We will be enforcing disk and network quotas soon. But in short you should never use Linuxzoo to store your valuable data.


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