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Hacking attempts

Post by drgrussell » Wed Jul 13, 2005 1:45 pm

Unfortunately one of our servers was attacked this week, and as a result was used as a server for launching ssh probe attacks on others. This server was not one which I control personally, and was not therefore used to support linuxzoo. However, I am forced to ensure that none of my servers can be used in this way. Thus the firewall rules have been upgraded to include:

o Outgoing ssh from virtual machines to real machines is blocked.
o Outgoing pings from virtual machines to external machines is blocked.
o All privilaged outgoing ports except http,ssh, and dns are totally blocked.

This is unfortunate, but hopefully it will not affect you the users in any noticable way. No tutorial should be affected by this.

If you have any additional suggestions as to how to make the site more secure let me know.

Enjoy the site.

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