Tutorial 4 #4

Problem completing one of the interactive tutorials?

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Tutorial 4 #4

Post by rama » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:58 pm

I am sure I am making a small mistake but I can not get passed this question. I have tried the following commands.
chmod u-rx scripts
chmod u=w scripts
chmod 244 scripts
chmod u-r scripts
chmod u-x scripts
chmod u-rwx scripts
When I execute most of these commands it ends ups saying permission denied when I try ls -l scripts, so I assume it works but it never does. Also when I try to add a permission like w or x for groups and others nothing ever changes, the permissions always look like this -rw--r--r. Any help on where I am going wrong would be great.

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Re: Tutorial 4 #4 (scripts dir perms)

Post by jjanel@live.com » Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:39 am

Hi! I noticed you didn't get an answer & hope you figured it out OK.
The question will only say passed when you click check
IF the mode of scripts is 255 (-x-r-xr-x; just the u-xr)

On the "always -rw--r--r", notice it is saying bigfile2, not scripts!
You are doing ls -l scripts; you want/need either ls -ld scripts
(the -d makes it not descend into the dir) or just ls -l
with no filename (to see all, including scripts).

Yes, kinda tricky & an easy beginner mistake!

I hope things are going well & you are enjoying Linux!

p.s. btw/fyi, I use VirtualBox[.org] on my old XP netbook, to play with various small Linux's from DistroWatch.com easily!

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