Downtime 3rd June 2011

Planned downtime and current issues.

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Downtime 3rd June 2011

Post by drgrussell » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:17 pm

The server was down today for an update to Fedora 15 on the main server.
Server was wiped and reformatted, fedora 15 installed, then all files restored.
It gives me a good chance to see how long a system restore takes too, and it is part of my yearly plan to perform one disaster recovery exercise and update the recovery documentation.

Fedora 15 is very different... and what usually takes 3 hours seems to have taken 6.
Mind you my Oracle restore has taken 4 hours. I really must archive my data more.

Oh well. It should be back up in a little while. Just finishing the Oracle restore, then a quick reboot, and lastly some final testing.

So whats slowed me down?
  • init.d seems to be vanishing, and being replaced with systemd. So rc.sysinit is gone and I use that!
  • 3ware raid card went very slow. Need to keep remembering the buffer setting must be "performance".
  • openvpn system.log just seems to hate being written to in SELINUX. Oh well I will work it out.
  • eth0 is now em2. Guess how many times I hard code that into something...
  • must keep remembering to use "system" rather than "/etc/init.d/something". Bad habits!

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