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Changes for August 2010

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:03 pm
by drgrussell
A new queueing system is in place in the front end server. Users should hopefully notice no change.
This is purely internal, but replaces the queue management code with an object-oriented extensible design.
This should allow me to extend the interface to new OSes much more easily. It also allowed me to spot a few bugs and fix them.
Of course it probably introduced a few too... let me know...

For this month...
1. Get dynamips running. This provides cisco router emulation. For legal reasons I will only make this available to my own students for research purposes. Right now it is running in the backend, but a few hours of work should see it in the frontend. This is part of a research project I am working on with a MSc student.
2. Update fedora core 2 to 13 for the virtual machines. I have the image prepared but need lots of testing for this to work right with the tutorials.
3. Implement windows 2008 virtualisation with kvm or kqemu (maybe September)

September marks the start of the teaching semester, so thats all the changes for this year.

Re: Changes for August 2010

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:04 am
by drgrussell
Bug FIxes:
  • 4 Aug 2010 - Using javascript telnet locked the queue for 5 or more seconds, blocking all other users. This caused timeout errors for everyone. Lock is now released immediately once the queue is parsed.
  • 4 Aug 2010 - The code to provide holdtime (keeping your machine when you run out of time if the system is not desperate to get your virtual machine slot back for another queued user) was not being executed. Fixed and servers restarted.
  • 4 Aug 2010 - Lock not immediately released when running the firewall testing tool, holding the lock for 5 seconds. Fixed.
  • 4 Aug 2010 - Moving the master configuration file out of the development directory (for ease of use with svn) caused programs which depended on knowing this file location to break. Fixed the notes generator as well as the quiz.

Re: Changes for August 2010

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:36 am
by drgrussell
Dynamips emulation is installed. It is only currently available for a select group, but it seems to work well.
I added telnet support to the console. This only works on 10.0.18.* machines.
I cleaned up the cgi telnet interface, allowing it to go to both console and normal telnet ports.
I added a java telnet applet interface.