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Play Fair II

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 11:56 pm
by drgrussell
I can only keep this site open if people are sensible. Every time someone is not sensible I have to make the decision as to whether I should (1) Shutdown free access, or (2) Add more silly rules to the site monitoring system.

The site is monitored manually every day and monitored constantly automatically.

I am going to add more rules over the next few weeks... probably
(1) Your machine can only be accessed via the web from your own machine (or perhaps just your own IP subnet assuming a class C address).
(2) Disk usage is monitored more closely and you will be kicked quicker for high usage.
(3) ISP IP blocks from problem people using that ISP.
(4) Weekly traffic limits
(5) Limit of 3 users per IP unless in an exception list.

I will post here again when the new rules are in place with a more complete listing of the rulesets.

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:17 pm
by drgrussell
It looks like I will also need to look at adding the following things for "free" users:
o CPU quota
o Maximum connection time

Please play fair, and remember you are on a shared resource.