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Play fair

Post by drgrussell » Mon Sep 05, 2005 12:28 pm

Please remember that the site is for learning about Linux and having fun...
All traffic is recorded, so you should definitely not do your internet banking via linuxzoo.

As linuxzoo is a free resource, it is configured in a way to prevent people doing silly things to other sites and users. This saves me having to police what is going on. Statistical traffic analysis runs all the time, and this will result in more rules being inserted into the firewall or into squid. I have updated the networking of the site so that all http and dns requests for remote sites are transparently proxied using squid and named.

I dont publically document what has been blocked and what is not (sometimes I dont know - after all it is done automatically), but if you are trying to do something to an external website and keep getting a request error, it is likely that this is blocked. My policy is to allow you to access things with the minimal of interference, so please reward my enlightened policy by using my site for only "nice" things.


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