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Welcome to linuxzoo

Learn Linux from the safety of your chair using a remote private linux machine with root access.

Status: High Risk. Main server upgraded to Centos 7. Could be many issues...Some disruption is likely.

Look at the Our Environment link, and then Running Your Machine for getting started.

Quick start hints: register/login, Join Queue, Switch On (in Control tab), Wait for successful boot, click the Connect tab, and then click "telnet: linuxzoo.net" (or type telnet linuxzoo.net at your command prompt). Username root, password secure.

FAQ for VNC on fedora 15: To vnc to fedora 15 you need java installed. Once you get the login go to Linux tutorial intro1 and click "Create account" in Question 1. You can now login as demo (password demo) in vnc and su to root. Click the button each time you get a fresh image!

Linux tutorials: intro1 intro2 wildcard permission pipe vi essential admin net fwall DNS diag Apache1 Apache2 MySQL1 MySQL2
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